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Hello, and welcome to my shop "Japan Auto Direct."
You've come at just the right time, my GRAND OPENING!!!

I offer a huge variety of NEW & used Japanese books, magazines, and DVDs about car & motorcycles.
You're sure to find all the items you are interested in, as well as many others you've never seen or heard of.

Since many of my customers do not understand Japanese, I've attempted to show images that better describe visually what each publication contains.

If you look for any other Japanese items, feel free to contact me!
New Items
Racing on No.470 Old Japan GP Part.2
RIDE 83 Ducati FlagShips1
Nissan GT-R [HYPER REV vol.179]
ROAD RIDER 5/2014 Honda CB-F&R
RACERS vol.26 Kawasaki Perimeter KX
Zeppan Bikes vol.16 Honda CB750
RIDE 82 Kawasaki Z1 Z2
Classic Mini Maintenance Book
[DVD] Z The Maximum

[DVD] Z The Maximum[9784862570161a] 

[Low Stock]
Legendary J's Honda NSX complete works
RIDE 81 Suzuki GSX-R

RIDE 81 Suzuki GSX-R[9784862793546a] 

[Low Stock]
Rally Cars 04 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution lll
R35 GT-R Perfect Overhaul Guide DVD + BOOK
Racing on No.453 TRD

Racing on No.453 TRD[9784779612411a] 

[Low Stock]
Racing on No.458 Honda F1
Racing on No.445 Group C Races in Japan
Racing on No.467 Maki & Kojima
Racing on No.468 Kazuyoshi Hoshino
ROAD RIDER 3/2014 Kawasaki Z Z1000Mk.ll Z1-R Z750FX
LEXUS IS 30 structure illustration book
Racing on No.469 JTCC

Racing on No.469 JTCC[9784779620768a] 

[Low Stock]
2Stroke Magazine + DVD

2Stroke Magazine + DVD[9784777010899a] 

[Low Stock]
Racing on Archives vol.01
The Japanese Heritage Machine Collection book '70s '80s
The Bible 6 for Maestros
JGTC Super GT 20 years anniversary memorial book
Rally Cars 03 Peugeot205 Turbo16
RACERS vol.25 Lucky Strike Suzuki RGV-Γ250
2 stroke magazine vol.7
The Custom Machine 2stroke special
Nissan R32 GT-R [G-works kyushakai series vol.9]
DOREMI COLLECTION parts & accessories catalog vol.4
Racing on Archives vol.08 Group C in Japan
Weekly 1/8 Nissan Fairlady Z vol.3
Weekly 1/8 Nissan Fairlady Z vol.2
RACERS Special Issue 2014
F1 GRAND PRIX CAR Meisha Retsuden vol.8
GT-R magazine vol.114 1/2014
Super GT Official Guide Book 2013-2014
Weekly 1/8 Nissan Fairlady Z vol.1
Zeppan Bikes vol.15 Kawasaki Triples


[Low Stock]
Sports Car Days 2014 Calendar by Bow
NISMO 2014 wall calendar

NISMO 2014 wall calendar[KWAA150D00] 

[Low Stock]
NISMO 2014 desktop calendar

NISMO 2014 desktop calendar[KWAA150D10] 

[If you are interested in this item, contact me!]
Honda Dream CB750 Four series [REAL Motorcycle vol.3]
ROAD RIDER 12/2013 Yamaha XJR1300/1200
RACERS vol.24 Marlboro YZR [Part2]
LOTUS car magazine memories
HONDA CB750Four CB400Four [HYPER BIKE vol.31]
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