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I offer a huge variety of NEW & used Japanese books, magazines, and DVDs about car & motorcycles.
You're sure to find all the items you are interested in, as well as many others you've never seen or heard of.

Since many of my customers do not understand Japanese, I've attempted to show images that better describe visually what each publication contains.

If you look for any other Japanese items, feel free to contact me!
Nismo Collection
Nismo Collection

New Items
Aston Martin [Rosso Supercar Archives 11]
Modern Maserati 1998-now [Rosso Supercar Archives 05]
De Tomaso Pantera 1959-2004 [Rosso Supercar Archives 08]
Lancia Stratos 1970-now [Rosso Supercar Archives 06]
Lamborghini Diablo 1990-2002 [Rosso Supercar Archives04]
Lamborghini Countach 1971-1990 [Rosso Supercar Archives02]
Lamborghini Gallardo 2003-Now [Rosso Supercar Archives03]
Lamborghini Murcielago 2001-Now [Rosso Supercar Archives01]
Super Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren & SLS AMG [Rosso Super Car Archives12]
R34 GT-R Perfect Book

R34 GT-R Perfect Book[9784875149057a] 

[Low Stock]
Racing on No.478 Mercedes C
Maserati Complete Guide

Maserati Complete Guide[9784906735631a]  

[Low Stock]
Honda NSR 2stroke magazine extra issue + DVD
Technical Illustrations of Honda Motorcycles
Road Rider 9/2015 Honda Force V4
RALLY CARS 09 Audi Quattro
RACERS 34 Suzuki RGΓ XR70
I Love Honda Monkey vol.4
Bikers Station No.193 10/2003 Honda CB400Four
DOREMI collection parts & accesories catalog vol.2
Lamborghini Countach Chronicle
RIDE 65 Suzuki Katana

RIDE 65 Suzuki Katana[9784862793157a] 

[Low Stock]
2 stroke magazine vol.4 + DVD
Subaru EJ20 Engine Technical Handbook & DVD
Kyushakai Champroad Kemuri Suzuki GT380
Road Rider 8/2015 Yamaha 2stroke
Road Rider 3/2015 Suzuki Oil Cooled
Road Rider 4/2015 Honda NSR250R
Kawasaki Zephyr Style

Kawasaki Zephyr Style[4910124760758a] 

[Low Stock]
Rover Mini Buyers Guide & Maintenance File

I LOVE PORSCHE 964[9784777006427a] 

[Low Stock]
Honda S660 & BEAT complete
New Mazda Roadster ND New Model Report
Racing on No.477 Ronnie Peterson
[DVD] Best MOTORing 6/2008 BMW 135i
Moriwaki Parts Catalog 2003
Lexus RC F structure illustration book USC10
Subaru WRX S4 structure illustration Book VAG
Subaru WRX STI structure illustration Book VAB
Weekly 1/8 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 hachette vol.3
[DVD] Best MOTORing 12/2008 Honda NSX
[DVD] GT-R Revival Super GT 2008 Special Edition
[DVD] 2006 Suzuka 8h Official DVD
Weekly 1/8 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 hachette vol.2
HONDA CB750Four CB400Four [HYPER BIKE vol.31]
[DVD] BestMORTORing special Racing SKYLINE
[DVD] Best MOTORing 2/2010 Honda Civic Type R
Carburetor No.5 CBX1000
Subaru Impreza Maintenance File
I Love Alfa Romeo

I Love Alfa Romeo[1002436101503a] 

[Low Stock]
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